Authentic Movement with Rachel Carr-Hill

let your dreaming body move
eyes closed
follow the impulses of your body
be witnessed

Authentic Movement is a movement awareness practice that requires no previous experience, just a willingness to show up fully and be open to being seen. It is a simple yet powerful form in which you move with your eyes closed in the presence of a witness. Moving with eyes closed gives the body an opportunity to speak, for the unconscious to find an alternative channel from which to emerge.

Unlike some other movement or dance practices, it is not about letting go completely, in fact the opposite is true. Authentic Movement is about becoming acutely aware of every impulse, being fully present in your body and learning to be your own witness.

Rachel Carr-Hill is a somatic educator, trained at the Moving On Centre in Oakland, California.

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“Because we weren’t seen enough or seen with enough acceptance or seen with enough consciousness, we arrive into adulthood with the longing to be seen by another. There is a felt need, so profound in the West, to be seen as one is, doing what one is doing.”
—Janet Adler